Learn About the Different Services We Offer

Chest & Breast Study

early prevention saves lives

This thermal imaging service will capture:

  • Chest
  • Breast area, including area underarm
  • Lymph node sensitivity
  • Upper Back

Health Study with Abdomen

This thermal imaging service captures from the top of the head to pelvic region. With this study, we cover:

  • Full cranial and thyroid – including carotid artery
  • Periodontal inflammation
  • Chest
  • Full breast and lymph node
  • Full Back (upper & lower)
  • Stomach, abdomen, large and small intestine, kidneys, colon, etc.

Full Body Study

With this study, we capture from head to toe including:

  • All aspects of the health screening with abdominal, as well as
  • Arms and Hands
  • Any issues related to feet, lymphatic in the upper thighs and lower legs.

Breast Baseline

Breast baseline is generally recommended by the reporting physician and is a follow-up to your initial breast study. A baseline study typically occurs within a 3 to 6 month period after the initial study and is used as a comparison to establish your individual heat pattern.

Customized Study

Contact us for you customized Thermal Imaging appointment!

What is the Cost and How Long Does it Take?

The cost includes the original visit, an interpretation by a Doctor trained in reading Thermography, a personalized report with your pictures and an educational visit to go over any questions regarding your report.

Chest & Breast Study


30 Minutes

Health Study with Abdominal


45 minutes

Full Body Study


1 Hour

Breast Baseline/Follow-Up Study


20 minutes

Region Specific Study


30 minutes

How Can Thermography Really Help Me?

If you are asking yourself how can it help me, try asking yourself if you want to be proactive with your health rather than reactive? If the answer is yes, Thermography is for you, as there are a number of areas in which thermography can help you better understand your body. When we understand our body and pay attention to what it is saying we are better equipped when issues do arise. Some examples of what thermograph can help you with are below:
Early Stage Anomalies in the Body
Cardio-Vascular Inflammation
Breast Imaging
Possible Thyroid Dysfunction
Immune System Response
Hormonal Imbalance
Pain Diagnostics
Irritable Bowel Syndrome
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