There is an easy, inexpensive and safe method of revealing the very source of inflammation or imbalances…

Digital infra-red Thermal Imaging (DITI) creates a high definition digital map of your body that illustrates temperature patterns — patterns that may discover some abnormalities. Known also as thermography, this process gained FDA approval in 1982 as an adjunct and has become increasingly accurate and useful through technological advancements. “Useful for what?” you might ask.

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Reliable and Accurate Information

Precise and Objective Data From Accurate Measurements of Thermal Information

Considerable Financial Savings Over Conventional Investigations

It must be stated that thermography is not a stand alone screening, they are a FDA cleared adjunct to other clinical diagnostic procedures.

Thermography can be used to visualize, document temperature patterns and changes.

And best part is,



is Painless


is Non-Invasive


is Quick


Makes no contact with your body

with no body part compression.


Emits absolutely NO radiation

and NO dyes are put into the body

Perhaps the most unique aspect, thermography images the skin surface to measure the PHYSIOLOGICAL or FUNCTIONAL process rather than an anatomical process.

Instead of focusing on the “anatomy” (organs & tissue), it focuses on processes occurring in the body that are causing temperature changes. For instance, hot patterns mean “inflammation”, which makes perfect sense.  It is so important to “see” inflammation because it is a very active cause of heart and cardio-vascular disease, diabetes, arthritis and much more! What this means is that we may be able to practice prevention rather than just detection. These thermal images (called thermograms) are analyzed for abnormalities. Additionally, since your body is thermally symmetrical if normal, thermal asymmetries can indicate problems. A thermal assessment combined with guidance from a trusted healthcare provider is an opportunity to achieve desired results of optimal health and longevity.

“Health Discovery is a meaningful lifelong journey that a person takes themselves with a trusted health care practitioner.”

Kristin Burton CNHP, CCT

Because today’s technology is so reliably accurate, medical thermal imaging’s overwhelming value is the ability to reveal the earliest possible indication of abnormal metabolic and functional activity. This inherently reveals itself as temperature variations on the surface of the body. We like to look at thermography as “Health Discovery” as it can see your body asking for help. We as Humans usually react when we feel pain instead of taking a proactive approach to health.

This makes thermography the screening modality of choice for preventative care practitioners.

An abnormal thermogram is widely accepted as justification for further clinical evaluation. The examination is harmless and painless. Explore the most popular applications of Thermography!

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